Thursday, February 4, 2010

Greta Inteviews McCain

A couple quick points. First, Senator McCain (and Greta) hit the nail on the head about the government spending money on a Super Bowl ad. That's simply money that could be much better spent. Second, you would be hard pressed to find two people like Senator McCain and Secretary Clinton who picked up and moved on any better/faster after a failed presidential bid. There are numerous of examples of politicians who fade into the background after losing the presidency. In this last election the defeated candidates moved on quicker than probably any others in American history.

Finallly, my favorite line paraphrased from the Republican convention was when Governor Palin said, 'Harry Reid said, he can't stand Senator McCain. What I think he meant to say was that he can't stand up to Senator McCain.' Having been their, I can say the crowd gasped then jumped to their feet and cheered, and for good reason.

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