Sunday, February 21, 2010

Common Sense Evaluations of Health Care and Stimulus Bills

Senator McCain makes several important points about the health care bill and the stimulus bill. First on the health care bill, the Obama campaign promise of transparency has clearly been broken. This has lead to some infamous deals to gain votes particularly in Louisiana, Nebraska, and Florida. THIS is what 'change we can believe in' was supposed to illiminate, yet this is the highest order of sleezy political dealings. On the stimulus bill, as Senator McCain correctly indicates that by the Obama administrations own projections this is a failed bill. The administration stated that passing the stimulus bill would keep unemployment from exceeding 8%. We've been hovering around 10% unemployment for months. Greta Van Sustren makes important points too about the cost of the 'jobs created.' As she notes in Arizona the cost of the 'jobs created' is over $400,000 per job. The math behind the stimulus bill is not adding up, and the administration's attempts to sell it as a success are looking silly to anyone who passed math class in elementary school.

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